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The Alternative Village Fete at Lollibop

Under 10’s Alternative Village Fete at Order Xanax Bars Online Cheap

A sideways slant on the great British fete tradition offering a new, contemporary take on craft making, fete games and folk dancing. Southbank Centre together with Home Live Art are delighted to present a small but perfectly formed ensemble of alternative artists and performers to the Lollibop programme:

Robot Relays is brought to you by Exploring Senses  – Build and decorate ridiculous cardboard outfits, then play space hopper racing and jousting games!!

Den building with Discount Xanax Online – come and pick from buckets of materials to make a den with your friends

Hooping the Loop with Miss Constance Irkles   – Come and join Miss Constance Irkles, glamorous hula hooping performer and learn to hula hoop!

Buy Alprazolam Online Cheap – ! An interactive experience: part dance lesson, part party, part performance, part bingo. Think Donna Summer down the gala! And all coming out the boot of our dinky disco van. As a treat for the Disco Boppers at Lollibop Festival we will be running a Super Special Spelling Bee round so you will learn how to spell our dance moves as well as how to shake them!

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