Coastal Undercurrents

Coastal Undercurrents

Coastal Undercurrents was a pilot writing project running parallel with the Home Live Art programme of events at Coastal Currents Arts Festival in 2018.

It is part of Home Live Writing, an ongoing series of initiatives for writers based in the South East who wish to learn more about writing critical responses to live performance.

Six writers were chosen from an open call to write a response to a performance they experienced at one of the following Home Live Art events: New Queers on the Block or Performance Salon

The Writers:

Sarah Frances is a psychotherapist, writer and artist of Irish Libyan parentage. She grew up the North East of England and Spain during the 1970s and early 80s. She is currently settled in St Leonards with her Greek rescue dog Pina Colada and partner. Sarah enjoys challenging and confounding labels of any kind as well as sea swimming around Hastings.

Wayne Herbert is a Hastings based writer and actor. Also owner of the best looking white cockerpoo in East Sussex.

Emily Humphreys is a writer, poet and amateur philosopher living in Brighton. She writes creative and straight nonfiction about gender, sex, relationships and cultural politics.

Dillon Jaxx is a writer/performance poet. ‘I am the type of plant some people would likely describe as a weed. That doesn’t stop me growing and positioning myself in such a way as to absorb maximum sunshine. Everything scares me.’

Richard de Pesando is originally from Liverpool and has worked in the creative industries for 25 years. He is based in Hastings where he works as a freelance designer, photographer and writer. He has an interest in the counterculture, social history and not fitting in.

Debbie Taylor-Osborne is from the North East of England. After several unsatisfying jobs, she decided at 53 years old, to do a Fine Arts degree at the local college. She is currently in her second year and has managed to stay relatively sane (helped by copious amounts of pink gin). She has been based in St. Leonards since 2014.

The project:

1, Workshop run by Critical Interruptions (11-4pm on Tuesday 18 September)
This one-day workshop led by Diana Damian Martin and Bojana Janković offered the opportunity to explore writing and criticism in relation to performance, as well as providing reading and resources for inspiration and further insight.

2, Attending and writing a response to at least one of the following Home Live Art programmed performances at Coastal Currents:
New Queers on the Block (The Printworks, 14 Claremont, Hastings) Friday 21st September, 8pm-1am.
– Performance Salon (secret location) Friday 28th September, 7-11pm.

3, Editing Process
Participants edit and discuss each others work prior to publication

4, Publication
Responses will be published on dedicated Home Live Art blog and Social Media channels

5, Post Festival meet up and debrief 
An opportunity to discuss the process and to think together with the Home Live Art team about next steps.

Images from Home live Art events at Coastal Currents by Georgina Cook

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