Tink Flaherty

Tink Flaherty

On The Bench

For Knotty 2020: Fragments of a Festival I have created an online work entitled On The Bench which re-imagines and re-contextualises my performance Sit with Me.

On The Bench is heavily influenced by where I live, the Golden Lane Estate within the City of London. As I had to stay within this boundary for most of the lockdown I spent a lot of my time exploring the interior and the periphery of my surroundings.

On The Bench is an interactive snapshot of my experience and of the city during this time. Using image, film and sound I seek to in some way to document the changes I felt and the surreal absence of people who would now no longer be able to sit with me…


Sit With Me

If the 2020 Knotty Performance Festival had happened I would have performed Sit With Me, a mobile participatory performance taking place in the streets of Hastings and St Leonards.

Sit With Me invites members of the public to sit with me on my bench for as little or as long as they want. Sitting side by side with another person is the foundation of this work, which is driven by my experience as a neuro-divergent person and the challenges I face connecting ‘appropriately’ in a predominantly neuro-typical world.


This project is part of Knotty 2020: Fragments of a Festival, an online programme of performance fragments created by Knotty 2020 artists.


On The Bench illustration: Emily Howard

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