Knotty 2020

Knotty 2020

Knotty is an adventurous performance festival offering a welcoming home for audiences to engage with bold and original performance work.

In response to COVID-19 we have re-imagined Knotty this year and are very proud to present Knotty 2020: Fragments of a Festival featuring rare performance fragments from a selection of the artists due to perform in Hastings and St Leonards this summer.

Knotty 2020 is entirely online: each artist has been invited to create works that can be experienced by clicking on the artist’s name below.

Each artist fragment is totally unique and the work created embraces multiple forms including zines, videos, music playlists and interactive online spaces allowing us an intimate glimpse of the process and feelings behind the live work.

Alongside these commissioned Festival Fragments sits New Fragments, a bursary programme set up to support artists to continue to develop their practice during these uncertain times.

Fragments of a Festival Programme

Lucy McCormick presents Life: LIVE! Live Lounge

Enjoy a Life: LIVE! Lounge session direct to your home from Lucy’s bedroom, featuring two acoustic versions of her original songs Coming Back To Me and Are You Well. Explore this Fragment…

Rhiannon Armstrong presents How we might have met (and might still yet)

Discover an online space exploring the different ways you may have met Rhiannon in Hastings, in the hope that you might still meet yet. Explore this Fragment…

Miss High Leg Kick presents Bird Rave

Enjoy an exquisitely illustrated Bird Rave Log Book featuring a bespoke playlist to listen to whilst you bird watch. Explore this Fragment…

Tink Flaherty presents Empty Benches

Delve into an online interactive work capturing an eerie city centre environment and the surreal absence of people no longer around to be able to sit with the artist. Explore this Fragment…

Samuel Lyon Spice presents Bless Your Cotton Socks

Browse a digital zine, which delves into ideas related to white socks within the gay fetish community, examining the way these socks can take on new meaning that supersedes their everyday status. Explore this Fragment…

Brownton Abbey

Revisit past incarnations of this transcendental mash-up of performance and party. Explore this Fragment…

New Fragments

New Fragments is a bursary programme set up to support artists to develop their practice and enable them to continue their work during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Explore New Fragments…

Paris Grande

Rachael Young

Angel Rose with Oozing Gloop

Sex Music


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